Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conservatives of Thai Girl

I was driving when my gig was chatting to her girlfriends behind. Me the only alpha male in the herd of chatty young things. The conversation grew stranger with every click of the odometer. They were talking about g-strings. Frankly, I never have or will wear one, I fear my balls may get entangled on that thread like apparel and I bet they will turn green and die eventually of strangulation. Seems like the only one in the herd that ever wore a g-stirng was gig. The rest were asking her funny questions like ain’t that uncomfortable, don’t people get to see your butt meat when in skirts? Does it feel weird to have your butt hanging freely and an assortment of other very extraordinary and wonderful questions. Well, since there were only three passengers, I would assume then from simple conclusion that 66.66% of Thai girls have never wore a g-string before.

Its Thailand, where when going for a swim, girls are in full t-shirt and shorts, padded bras and panties within. Daring bikinis are only seen in hot tourist zones but never in a normal local setting.

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