Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Real Meaning of Thai GIG

Thailand Resort

Thailand Resort

Monday was a holiday. So me and GF went to the wild again with our wabbit. My wabbit is getting used to sitting in cars, no longer afraid and hiding, it hoped around all over the cabin and nested itself on my lap while I drove throughout the journey. Sidetracking a little, how I trained my wabbit not to get car sick? Well, my room has tiled floors. The wabbit has no grip on it. So I spin it around at 100rpm then let it loose. See it run in panic toppling and falling, banging into my cloths basket, fall, lay sideways with his legs still in frantic running motion. It was hilarious. Very good for de-stressing, pass the stress on to my wabbit.

We went on Sunday, with another couple, so it’s a couple go holiday thing. Through my half baked Thai, I overheard the gal talked about her calling her boyfriend. Sometimes in that period, the guy had incoming calls and he would stroll away from us and talk behind a tree or something. When he returned, the gal asked if that was his girlfriend studying in America calling. WTF!!!. ?? Thus concluded they are a GIG couple and confirmed with my GF. On these two days, they stayed in the next bungalow to ours. Sunday, on arrival, 2pm. Loud moaning like porno film. Near dinner, 4pm. Loud moaning. After dinner, 7pm. Loud moaning. Night time after drinks. Should have many many moans but I am deep asleep already. Monday 9am before swim, more moaning and the windows on their bungalow shook with Richter 5.0 . Fortunately, I have my GF with me else brain flooded by testosterone fluid.

Gig phenomenon is very common in Thailand. Much more then in Singapore 10 folds. Almost every one of my friends or GF’s friends I know have gigs. It even happens in my darn office. Guess Thai people really likes fun. They can have a “steady” and yet have many gigs. This not only applies to men but is very common with the women as well. Gig couples I know are normally an older woman, about 30, with a toy boy of 25. Most of the people I known do not have their fathers in the family anymore. Mostly due to a blown cover ops and the father naturally selects the gig to continue life with as she offers more excitement. When gig meets, it is carnal explosion like experienced mentioned above. Reason for having gigs – boredom in long relationship, bad sex but partner is husband quality, partner away for long time, etc. Girls will tell me if they do not have fun now, then what? Waste a life away? Interesting Thai mentality. Thai girls needs lots of sex and they really moan loud. Untrained foreigners who have girlfriends here are often living the lie of their gals. Think about it, you are not around for months, you think your girlfriend stay home and clean your house diligently? With a mentality of “Do not have fun now, then what? Waste a life away?” you think so? Have you ever tamed a tigress (aggressive sexual tigress)?

Truly, looking from the other perspective, Thailand is men’s paradise. It is easy to be a gig here as I have tested waters. No strings attached relationships are very effortless to establish. Pre-requisites for foreigners, you need to know Thai. Else your scope of reach will only be that of Ah-go-go girls.


rk said...


Heard of any horror stories when guy found out his gig is actually male GIG not

Jewie said...

Yah man.... I heard of places that we should not party and get drunk. I heard of someone who was so drunk he mistakenly brought an ah-gua back and only realised the next day. Very common stories. Scary...

HSA said...

yes, the "gig" fad here is really overwhelming. for myself, after two years here, i don't even want to go near thai women anymore.

here is the other side of it (from my blog):

“Thailand Aids Problems At Critical Level”

BANGKOK: — AIDS infections in Thailand are reaching a critical level as some 500,000 Thais have been infected with the deadly virus, while an average of two people contracting HIV every hour , according to AIDS-prevention advocate Meechai Viravaidya.

Mr. Meechai said at the re-launching of “Learn to love and learn to be safe” predicted that the rising number of AIDS infections in the kingdom was the result of changing sex partners and failure to use condoms when having sex.

According to a survey in 2006, in the 15-29 year-old age group, nine per cent of office workers sampled use condoms every time they have sex with their boy- or girlfriends, while 40 per cent use condom when having sex with partners they have just met.

The result of survey among students showed that 13 per cent use condoms with their boy- or girlfriend partners while 52 per cent use condoms when having sex with partners they have just met.

The survey demonstrated that the group was aware of the serious problem of AIDS, as unsafe sex could lead to the infection with the deadly virus, said Mr. Meechai.

The AIDS activist explained that “Learn to love and learn to be safe” is a project focusing on risk group, trying to adjust the attitude of the group to protect themselves against AIDS and manage their sexual risk safely.

i don’t even know where to start with this topic. this country went through a serious epidemic not even 20 years ago, and the gov’t. did an excellent job of educating people and bringing it under control. now it looks like all of that good work is being undone.

the reasons? take your pick:

- many thais are very, very, frighteningly promiscuous.

- many thais are very, very irresponsible in general.

- there is a serious drug problem in this country.

- there is a serious alcohol problem in this country.

- thai parents and schools don’t educate kids properly.

- there is so much prostitution in this country and it is so socially accepted (though inexplicably still illegal) that sooner or later the epidemic was bound to change demographically, as this article shows it has.

very, very troubling.