Saturday, June 03, 2006

I Boycott Shell Thailand

Recently, Shell petrol stations here started to give out fridge magnets. However, the attendants are buffalos. Buffalos without brains. Several times I have paid using my cards for petrol and they returned my card with the bloody magnet next to it. Then when I go shopping, I can’t use my cards as the machines can no longer read it.

Told the bloody attendant about the problem but they bo-chap. These low-knowledge people do not have credit cards… so they never knew this problem I guess. They are gaping stupid ass holes without any common sense. No more Shell for me.

I love Shell, but she turned stupid on me.


LL Cool Dad said...

You should consider the idea that the staff do it to you on purpose, and the bosses support their payback. Just a suggestion.

Jewie said...

argh...!! :(