Friday, September 02, 2005

I Wanna F*.* The World....

Office Sunset

It was evening again… life is routine now. Most have left the office and I was still here yesterday, up in the roof. Life sucks when all around me are play but alone I stride on with work late into the night. Life sucks when my entire mind is set on work regardless of office hours but those around does not. I want to shout the F word loud but I am sure the vigilant security guard below will think I wanna jump of the roof and summon the black car.

Another new sunset I watch, another peaceful moment. It is short moments like these when I stare at nature’s painting that keeps the stress in my head from exploding.


Anthony said...

Please lah.... Come my place for Vodka la... Good View to Swimming Pool as well.

Ling said...

chill dude we'll always be here for you :D